Lawn Control

As much as we love a well kept lawn, not everything that's green is good. If your grass has more crab than a seafood platter, give us a call!

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Weed Control

As dry as it is here in Utah, a well kept lawn can quickly become a magnet for weeds. With our weed protection plans we help you keep them at bay. With every service My Priority Pest will treat gravel and mulch beds, as well as any other potential hot spots.

A great way to save

Part of the way we keep our lawn services so inexpensive is by already having the necessary equipment! We already have power sprayers and granulators for our pest control efforts, but we can simply change products and perform another spray on the appropriate areas. This lets us even beat the price of the DIY method! What are you waiting for?

Green Services

Heat and dry weather here in Utah can make keeping your lawn green more of a chore than mowing. We utilize organic compounds and products to keep your lawn green and healthy. By treating seasonally we ensure that your lawn always has what it needs to look and be it's best for the months to come.

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