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Here in Utah, pests love the mountains as much as we do.

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Our treatments

We come from families with pets and kids, and we want to protect yours. Inside, we use an organic products that is safe for your family and pets. Outside, you can pick between using our organic products or using a normal products to create the barrier between your home and the spiders, ants, roaches, and more.

Regular Services

Our pest control subscription includes quarterly visits, and unlimited free retreatments. Like the weather, different seasons call for different precautions. You can expect to see us every 90 days -- or more often if you notice something! This allows us to take action against the different bugs that come out, and allows your homes barrier to stay up to date.

Every Service

With every service our trained technicians will

  • perform an inspection of the exterior of your home and yard to find any potential problem areas
  • spray the outside of your home to prevent pests from getting inside
  • treat the lawn and garden to reduce any activity in those areas.
  • treat the interior of your home to further ensure no pests remain in your house.

Below is a list of common pests that are treated for during our regular services. If you aren't seeing your particular issue go to our specialty services page or simply give us a call and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

The Standard Pests

Fire Ants

While we have a wide variety of ants in Utah, fire ants are known for invading yards and leaving numerous painful bites. Because of their invasiveness, fire ants can be particularly difficult to treat. Our products get to fire ants in their homes, so they don't get to you in yours.

While fire ants are the most common issue here in the Utah, we also have several other varieties of ants. Whatever size, or color your ants are we are happy to take care of them for you.

Fire ants tend to limit their activity to warmer days and times. Generally while temperatures are between 65 and 90 degrees.

Peak Season: Spring & Fall


Cockroaches are not particularly common in Utah, but can present serious problem when they do show up. They reproduce quickly, create bad smells, and can be difficult to treat. While the issues are the same, the treatments often aren’t. Our regular services treat all types of cockroaches.

Peak Season: Year round


Only a few kinds of spiders are dangerous for people; however, here in Utah they can be all too common. With every services, we:

  • treat for all spiders
  • treat your home's problem spots
  • remove webs to discourage nesting
  • remove any poisonous spider

We offer free poisonous spider removal for everyone. Simply send a picture, and we will get it taken care of quickly.

Peak Season: May-October. Activity is most aggressive during mating in August.


Throughout Utah there are a few different species of scorpions; however, only a few are found near Salt Lake City. Due to their thick exoskeletons and long life spans they can be difficult to treat. Utah's native scorpions don't pose a serious threat to humans, but can still lead to some very painful stings.

Scorpion activity starts as temperatures rise near the end of March, and are active through the summer. Treatment is critical prior to winter months, as scorpions will begin seeking warmth inside homes.

Peak Season: End of March-End of Summer

Bees and Wasps

Bees and Wasps are one of the easiest problems to spot. With the number of wasps and bees that we have in Utah, if your home isn't being treated you will quickly see mud-dauber nests, as well as paper wasp nests. Our regular service removes their nests to prevent these stinging insects from staying on your property.

Peak Season: April-September

Hives will begin activity near the end of April, and have reached full force by June. However, hives are most aggressive around early September when the queen has left the hive.

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