Window Cleaning

Is cleaning windows permanently a part of your Honey-Do list? Let us take care of them for you!

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Base Level Windows

With every visit we clean all base level windows. We remove all the years (or months!) of grime and build up that are caused by rain, lawn clippings, dust, and even muddy hand prints for our customers with children! Our technicians use a professional grade cleaner that really gets the shine back.

If you've combo'ed this with pest control, we'll be sure to clean them after applying the pesticides, to preserve both services on all fronts.

Keep your windows clean

Keeping your windows clean helps maximize the curb appeal of your home, but since they don't require the same frequent attention of a lawn or a pool they often get left out in the rain! Our regular service plans include a full clean of the base level, exterior windows which take the the biggest beating from the wind and the rain.

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